Baloy Beach

The bars on Baloy Beach are mostly connected to the local beach resorts, this means that they don’t have go-go dancers on stage. But they do have friendly Filipina hostesses or GROs that will chat you up and go on barfines or EWR with you. Baloy Beach also has the only floating bars in Subic Bay, a must try for all visitors of Olongapo City.

Blue Rock

Blue Rock

24 hrs / Hostess / No Dancers
Main bar overlooking beach. Good draft San Miguel Beer. Good menu. restaurant has large screen TV for watching sports/movies. Popular place and has a nightly outdoor Bar-B-Q buffet.

Blue Rock Floating Bar

Blue Rock Floating Bar

1200 – 2400 hrs / Hostess / No Dancers
Double decker floating bar outside of Blue Rock Resort. Open from Nov to May.



0900 – 2200 hrs / No Dancers
Nice Aussie family run bar on beach. Friendly. Good food.

Harley's Pub

Harley’s Bar

24 hrs / No Dancers
Part of Harley’s Hotel. Draft San Miguel Beer and Gin Juice. Large screen TV in bar. Seaview terrace. Nice menu.

Kokomos Resort


24 hrs / ST rooms / Hostess / No Dancers
Situated right on the Beach. Cosy beachside bar with friendly GROs.

Lagoon Resort

The Lagoon

24 hrs / Hostess / No Dancers
Opposite Johans. Cold draft beer. Darts. 24hr Bikini Bar. Good menu.



No Dancers
Nice small menu. Seaview terrace.

Treasure Island Beach Resort

Treasure Island

24 hrs / Hostess / No Dancers
Part of Treasure Island Resort and has a pool-side bar that overlooks Subic Bay.

Voodoo Floating Bar

Voodoo Floating Bar

1200 – 2100 hrs / Hostess / No Dancers
Part of Treasure Island/Kokomo’s operation. Open Oct – May.