It is 2010 in Subic Bay, and the choices for your rooms to boom-boom in are steadily growing.   My choice of good hotels that have websites will be on this page.  You’ll have to click the web-link for the individual locations with-in Olongapo City to see a full list of hotels in that area.  Take it for what it’s worth, but here are the Hotels of Olongapo City. If you’re anything like me, you won’t be spending much time at the hotel anyway. The only time you’ll be in your room is when you’re doing one thing and one thing only.

Baloy Beach + 8 hotels

Blue Rock Resort Kokomos Beach Resort Wild Orchid Beach Resort

Barrio Barretto + 13 hotels

Arizona Hotel Dryden's Hotel Mirage Beach Hotel

Subic Bay (SBMA) + 17 hotels

Casablanca Hotel Legenda Hotel Vista Marina Hotel

Not sure where a hotel is located? Click here for comprehensive hotel map to find it!