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POOL PARTY on May 29th at Treasure Island Resort!

80+++ Girls, 12noon – 4pm, Come Join The FUN!!!

TREASURE ISLAND RESORT will hold it’s next Giant Pool Party on Sunday, the 29th of May, during the Memorial Day weekend.

From 12 noon until 4pm, join over 80 girls from WET SPOT, ANGELWITCH, RUM JUNGLE, SURRENDER, LOWER LIPS, UPPER LIPS and also FOX HOLE! An entrance fee of P850 gets you unlimited local drinks, a great buffet during the event and then “Happy Hour” pricing in all of the bars for the entire evening.

Tickets will be available at all of the following locations:








On Saturday, the 28th of May the “DRYDEN GROUP / F.R.G.C” Charity Golf Tournament will be held. Already more than 60 players are expected for the event. If you enjoy golfing, make plans to join this great event. Watch the board here for additional details soon!

Also on Saturday night there will be a giant Bar Hop that will include 10 of the area’s finest bars. Watch here for details soon!

Be sure to be in Subic during this fantastic week-end and enjoy a great time of Golf, Games, Frolics, Fun, Bar-Hopping and Sunshine!

SOB Schedule for May 2011

Subic is Hott!

Staying at the Arizona for the first time and wow…..what can I say. I am super impressed with this “All in One” resort.  Between reasonable room rates, excellent barbecue, and a floating bar loaded with some cuties you will find everything you need.  Also from the floating bar you will have a birds eye view of some spectacular sunsets.  They also have an on site Bar called “Score” attached to the hotel so really you could almost stay at the resort without ever leaving and be just fine.  The staff makes you feel very welcome and they are always around for anything that you need!

The other day I was eating the Blue Fin Tuna barbecue and I saw Gavin (General Manager) and since it was pretty hott I asked him what he thought the temperature was.   He grabbed a thermometer from behind the bar and in the shade it was 96 degrees.   He put it on the table in the sunlight and within 10 minutes jumped up to 110 degrees.  Crazy hott.  I walked towards downtown to get some hilly photos and could see steam coming off the street.

Another reason I say Subic is hott is because of the quality of girls that can be found here.  I was and am pleasantly shocked for sure and the bars do seem to have that “Old School” fun time feeling you rarely get in AC anymore.  I guess I would sum it up best as “Perimeter Bar’s In Angeles on Steroids”.  I say this because the girls seem so happy and ALL were eager to have fun.  No mechanical…”Have to be in Manila” Bullshit excuses here!

Here are some pictures….

Girl of the Month – May 2011

Check out Jenny here, a 20 year old beauty from  She’s computer literate so if ya need a good sexre…I mean secretary, she’s your girl.


Watch the Next Pacman Fight – LIVE in the JUNGLE

The upcoming PACQUIAO VS. MOSLEY Championship fight will be shown “Live” in The RUM JUNGLE on Sunday morning, the 8th of May.  Now with 6 Large Screen TV’s, RUM JUNGLE is the finest location in Subic to watch the event.

Doors open at 7am, with the first televised bout at 9am. Entrance fee is p200 which includes 4 local drinks.

A Special Food menu will be available for the event and Happy Hour Prices all day and all night in all the Dryden Group Bars.

Make plans to be in the RUM JUNGLE to enjoy this great event…….

Photos from the Grand Re-Opening at Rum Jungle last week

88 Girls and a Packed House !!!

The NEW RUM JUNGLE held it’s Grand Reopening Party last night and it was one of Subic’s finest event, ever!   With 88 RUM JUNGLE Girls and wall-to-wall guests, it was an event that will be talked about for a long, long time…..

Great Music, Great Food and an excitement that was contagious for everybody. Here are a few photos from the NEW RUM JUNGLE for your viewing enjoyment…

SOB at Lower Lips this Friday

S.O.B.S. – Sons of Bacchus, Subic – THE Bacchanalian frivolity continues this week at LOWER LIPS. Starting at 5pm and features all you can drink plus generous helping of delicious snacks and appetizers.

Each of the 10 “S.O.B.” Bars will send their best entertainers girls to show off their dancing skills for cash prizes. There will be over 80 raffle prizes including free drinks, happy hour special, room and food discounts AND 10 1/2 EWRs!

Girls from the following of Subic’s finest bars were there to show off their BEST!!!

Wet Spot


Bar Barretto

Lower Lips

Hot Zone

Rum Jungle

Cat Walk


Upper Lips


Doors open at LOWER LIPS this Friday, April 29th at 4pm for the S.O.B.S. FUN!!!

Barretto Map Updated for 2011!

Updated April – 2011

The Barrio Barretto and Baloy Beach Map has been updated for your reference.  The DRYDEN GROUP has recently completed gathering all of the local establishments the might be of interest to visitors and residents alike.  These businesses are located between the “164” area on National Highway to the end of Baloy Beach Road.  These include all Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and most of the other retail and service establishments in the area.

Just as the bars are opening….that Magic Hour

Always loved this time of day.   Just before the bars open.  Girls on their way to work.  Anticipation of the night ahead.  This video captures it nicely….

Barretto Barhop Video….

Hits most of the popular haunts on the National Highway….

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