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Video from SOB in Wet Spot last month

They sure do know how to pack ‘em in.   Wet Spot is always a fun bar.

Photos from Sons of Bacchus at Hot Zone – April 8th

S.O.B.S. – Sons of Bacchus, Subic held its latest event in Hot Zone and it was the most competitive S.O.B.S. to-date.

Dancers from 9 of Subic/Barrio Barretto’s finest bar were there for fantastic dance competition. Girls from the following of Subic’s finest bars were there to show off their BEST!!!

Wet Spot


Bar Barretto

Lower Lips

Hot Zone

Rum Jungle


Upper Lips


With 9 bars in attendance, it’s a great way to get a “Subic Sample” right from your judges seat! An extended “Bar Hop” that comes to YOU!

The winners this week was the host bar, Hot Zone. They took home “First Place Honors” as the girls put on a fantastic show for everyone in attendance

This week’s event will be held at Bar Barretto on Friday, April 15th. They will be a break for the Easter week-end, with the events resuming on April 29th at LOWER LIPS. Be sure to make plans on being in Subic to enjoy the fun and make it a Subic Week-end to enjoy!!!

The NEW RUM JUNGLE – Grand Opening – This Saturday!

Great NEW Look With LOTS of Girls!!!

The All NEW RUM JUNGLE will celebrate it’s Grand Opening on Saturday, the 16th of April. The party starts at 9pm with Games, Food and FUN!!!

RUM JUNGLE has just completed a Great Renovation and the New Lay-out with a center dance area is quickly becoming the talk of Subic.

With over 60 girls, RUM JUNGLE is a must stop when you are in Barrio Barretto.

Be sure to be at RUM JUNGLE this coming Saturday night and join the Girls for a Night of FUN with the Games, Food and other Surprises!

The NEW RUM JUNGLE – Join your friends for the Real Subic Experience……….

TREASURE ISLAND April 3rd Pool Party Photos

A Great Day With Lots of GIRLS and FUN!!!

TREASURE ISLAND RESORT held it’s “April Fools Week-End” Pool Party a few weekends ago and it was a GREAT time for everyone. With over 80 girls from WET SPOT, RUM JUNGLE, LOWER LIPS, UPPER LIPS, ANGELWITCH and The VOODOO FLOATING BAR, it was an afternoon filled with Games, Music, Sunshine and lots of FUN!

The next TREASURE ISLAND RESORT Pool Party is already in the plans on Sunday, the 29th of May. On the same day the resort will be holding it’s “1st Annual Curry Cook-off” which should make for another great event. The “Curry Cook-Off” will be held in conjunction with the F.R.G.C.’s Charity Golf event on Saturday May 28th, which will be followed by Giant Bar-Hop that same night. Add to that the S.O.B.S. party on Friday the 27th, and you’ve got a Great Subic Week-end to make plans for!

Here’s the whole batch of TREASURE ISLAND RESORT Pool Party photos for your viewing pleasure…..

S3 – Subic Super Shuttle – To/From Angeles & Subic

Finest Service To/From Subic & Angeles City

S3 – Subic Super Shuttle has recently updated its departure times. The Van Service now departs Subic from TREASURE ISLAND RESORT at 10AM. The return trip departs Angeles City from Kokomos at 12 noon.

The service still includes a packet of discount tickets with each ticket purchased.

From Angeles City to Subic it includes “Buy 1 Take 1” Customer Drink Coupons at WET SPOT, ANGELWITCH, LOWER LIPS, UPPER LIPS and RUM JUNGLE. Also included are discount coupons for food and drinks at DRYDEN DELI and DRYDEN DINER.

From Subic to Angeles City it includes “Buy 1 Take 1” Customer Drink Coupons at AngelWitch, Roadhouse, King of Diamonds and Voodoo Bars and a discount coupon for food and drinks at Kokomos Hotel & Restaurant.

Please remember that bookings must be made in advance directly at either TREASURE ISLAND RESORT or Kokomos, or via any of the numbers listed on the poster.

April 2011 Girl-of-the-Month: Princess

This Girl-of-the-Month photo-set racy enough for ya?   Should get your blood pressure up just a tad….or at the very least make you book travel plans sooner than expected.  Her name is Princess and she works for when she feels like teasing poor schmucks like us.

April SOB Schedule

Great New Subic Site:

Some friends of mine that are lucky enough to live on location in Subic have put together a fantastic new website about the place,   If you want completely exclusive and up-to-the-minute insider info, photos, hotel & bar reviews, this new site is worth the price of admission.  What is that price you ask?   A mere $10/month.   You will have access to almost daily doses of Subic photos, stories and info, with a constant stream of new stuff flowing in.    It’s the kind of stuff you won’t see or get anywhere else on the web really, so for that reason alone, if you are the slightest bit interested in Subic, this site is where it’s at.  Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll find on SubicRocks:

Again….in Subic

Well, some of my friends wanted to go to Subic and I had just met a sexy 19 year old girl so I said….”Lets Go”!!!  It really is so nice to get out of town with a cute girl and in my case not to worry about running into any other girls I may be dating. (of course I have about 5 Subic girls so I still have to be a little careful and avoid a few bars…)

Anyways, as these guys are on vacation we could have taken a taxi or shuttle but I talked them into going by normal bus transportation.  Cost…..Dau to Olongapo 130 pesos…..Olongapo to DreamLand Hotel 12 pesos.  So a whopping 142 pesos.  One guy took trike to Dau for 80 pesos and the other guy used the Lewis Grand service.  I drove to mechanics, so getting to Dau can vary in price.  So thinking how much money we saved: 142 x 5 equals 710 pesos.   The cheapest shuttle would have been 500 pesos per person, so 2,500 with a savings of almost 1,800 pesos.  And for a new guy, not a bad experience to go by bus and hang with the locals; actually it’s quite interesting.

As this was spur of the moment I texted a friend and asked him to look into Dreamland Hotel as he was also staying there.   And as always, Subicman came through for us and gave us a great discount of only 1,000 pesos for the night.  Thank you very much Subicman!  As I have reported before, Dreamland is a great place.   Very very very quiet, big rooms, and such a nice swimming pool; and for that price you really can not go wrong.  Even at 1,500 pesos it’s a great deal.

We throw our bags in and we were off to the beach and lunch.   We walked to Blue Rock which is about a 12 minute walk or so.  Easy to take a trike, but everybody wanted to walk.  As we walked in to sit down, a guy comes up to me and says, “I ordered too much food” and since we were a group of 5, he wanted to give us the Seafood Platter he ordered but didn’t think he would eat.  Wow, how nice was that.  We sit down and 2 minutes later this big seafood platter was in front of us.  The girls loved the crab of course.  There was also fish, calamari, mussels and a few other things.  I ordered chicken satay and chicken and rice for the cutie.  It was nice, but I was sad the Barbecue was not open yet as it was only 3:30 or so.

After eating we went out to the floating bar and it is really cool for the new guys. The beer was also very very cold and I love that!  After Blue Rock, took a trike to VooDoo.   The place was just opening so a little quiet but had some real nice girls.  The one thing about Subic is everything opens later than AC but that’s okay. More time for the pool or the floating bars.

Next we walked to Bar Barretto and what can I say.   Every time I go in this place I have too much fun.  Navyjim was on hand and is always a great host plus he is not afraid to keep throwing you free drinks.  I told my girl to pick out a girl she liked so we could buy her a few drinks…very nice.   Jim has built a screen-like backdrop where a girl can dance behind it and all you see is her silhouette.   So sexy if the girl can dance.  I talked my girl into going behind the screen to the music “Careless Whisper”, but dammit, she was too shy to take her clothes off!

We then went to AngelWitch, Lips Complex and a few other places.  Just the right amount of girls and that laid back feeling that makes you relax.  Our single guy took a girl from Bar Barretto and could not have been happier in his life ever…hahaha.

Went back to Dreamland to go swimming; man, I was falling for this girl as she is the fun wild sexy life of the party kind of girl….also helps she was all over me.

Had a very great comfortable sleep….toooo sexy.  Woke up and she wanted to stay another night but one of our guys was leaving the next day so we left.  Got on a jeepney and stopped by The Arizona Hotel for lunch.   I was pleasantly surprised to learn that their barbecue was already open so I was happy to try as it was advertised “The Best Barbecue in Town”.  I looked at the menu and first thing I noticed was the prices.  In the chicken and tuna department much cheaper than Blue Rock.  380 pesos compared to 495 for the tuna dish and 230 pesos to I believe 295 for the chicken breast.

Well, I love tuna so I ordered it but I was curious….maybe for the cheaper price….their sides and salad bar might be a little weak.  WOW, I was wrong about that! Super big salad bar with Blue Cheese dressing, everything you would want for a great salad.   Their sides were mashed potatoes, cooked cauliflower, mixed vegetables, tuna, macaroni salad…almost way too much food to choose from.  Very good for sure.  Both my friends ordered the cheese-burger which were so big that one friend didn’t even get his salad bar.  Now the salad bar and sides included with the cheese-burger….what a great deal.  Both of my friends were very happy with their orders.

Also ran into a bunch of guys I know, all of them famous around the Subic region.   I didn’t get to say Hi to Tommo as he was busy but I will always remember him taking me barhopping in his SUV about 6-7 years ago on my cherry trip to Angeles and Subic.  Will always be thankful for that.  But nice to see Mo, Gavin, Drummer and to meet a few new guys there.  Arizona has a floating bar……did not go out to but will be back soon….time flies around here.  Looking up at the sky and thanking my Lucky Blue Sky….knowing I am having too much fun enjoying this lifestyle of paradise and beautiful women….

I highly recommend going to Subic to enjoy a laid back atmosphere……


TREASURE ISLAND RESORT Pool Party – April 3rd!

80++ Girls, 12noon – 4pm, Come and Join The FUN!!!

TREASURE ISLAND RESORT will hold it’s next Giant Pool Party on Sunday, the 3rd of April, during the April Fools weekend.

From 12 noon until 4pm, join over 80 girls from WET SPOT, ANGELWITCH, RUM JUNGLE, LOWER LIPS and UPPER LIPS! An entrance fee of P850 gets you unlimited local drinks, a great buffet during the event and then “Happy Hour” pricing in all of the bars for the entire evening.

Tickets will be available at all of the following locations:








Be sure to be in Subic during the April Fools week-end and enjoy a great time of Games, Frolics, Fun, Bar-Hopping and Sunshine!

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