There is a NICE selection of food to eat in Subic Bay these days. You can find just about any type of cuisine you want if you look past Kokomoz and The Coffee Shop (not that those are bad places to eat—I eat at those places a lot) From Japanese, Chinese, and Korean—-to Greek, Mexican, European or Thai—- Subic Bay has it all. I’m not going to include all of the hotel restaurants on here too, but I should mention that you might find some of the best food in town right under your nose depending on where you’re staying. Other times, it may take a little exploring to find good meals in AC. Once you do, however, they can be surprisingly good and keep you coming back for more. (as if all the pussy didn’t do that already, ha!)


Barrio Barretto Restaurant Listing

Subic Bay (SBMA) Restaurant Listing


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