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Videos from July 22nd SOB at Wetspot

Here’s some footage from the last S.O.B. Subic in WetSpot bar.  Hat Tap to PIatNight board member, “GoodBoy” for taking and uploading the vids.

This is the Voodoo line-up on stage…

Here are the Surrender Bar girls…

Rookies from Rum Jungle….

The Lips girls….

Hotzone babes…

…and the . . . → Read More: Videos from July 22nd SOB at Wetspot

SURRENDER BAR – Last Night In Photos

A Few Photos of the New SURRENDER Bar

SURRENDER Bar has been open less than a week in it’s new location and already it’s becoming one of the finest bars in all of barrio Barretto / Subic. Located in the LIPS Complex, SURRENDER has a fantastic new line-up and the girls are already having . . . → Read More: SURRENDER BAR – Last Night In Photos

Photos from latest SOB at Wet Spot

S.O.B.S. – Sons of Bacchus – Subic, held its latest event in WET SPOT and it was an exciting night for everyone.  The FUN started even before the 5pm kick-off and then it was a great 2-hour show.

Dancers from 8 of Subic/Barrio Barretto’s finest bars were there for a fantastic dance competition.  Girls . . . → Read More: Photos from latest SOB at Wet Spot

Subic is Hott!

Staying at the Arizona for the first time and wow…..what can I say. I am super impressed with this “All in One” resort.  Between reasonable room rates, excellent barbecue, and a floating bar loaded with some cuties you will find everything you need.  Also from the floating bar you will have a birds eye . . . → Read More: Subic is Hott!

Wet Spot – Another Fun Monday Night

Girls Just Wanna have Fun…

WET SPOT is always my Monday night hang out and the camera is always ready for the girls to use.

Here are some recent photos for your viewing pleasure…..

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Run Jungle Girls Having Fun

From last week in Rum Jungle!

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Wet Spot – Fun B-Day Night with the Girls

Photos from last Month’s B-Day for the Girls in Wet Spot Bar.

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Dryden Group September B-Day for the Girls Party Schedule

Every Thursday of the month, The Dryden Group will throw a “B-Day Party for the Girls” at a different venue. The parties start weekly at 9pm, so show up and enjoy a night of fun and games with the ladies. Here is the schedule:

2-Sep: Rum Jungle 9-Sep: Angelwitch 16-Sep: Hot Lips . . . → Read More: Dryden Group September B-Day for the Girls Party Schedule

September 2010 Girl-of-the-Month – Diane

Here she is, the lovely Diane from Asians247.  She’s a Subic girl who tried the Barrio Barretto bar scene but now makes her living  makes her living online.  Check out her sexy photo album here.

Diane – September 2010 . . . → Read More: September 2010 Girl-of-the-Month – Diane

Where are you? (video)

Cheesy old-school music playing, X-mass lights adorning the ceiling, sounds of pool balls cracking, a few girls dancing and joking, incoherent drunken Aussies talking….

Where are you?

Give up?

Why, you’re in the “Office Bar” in Subic on a Sunday night of course.

. . . → Read More: Where are you? (video)

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