Meet April, Girl-of-the-Month for June 2011

Oh boy is this one a cutie.  And yes, she’s legal.  But they don’t come any sweeter looking, do they?  More like her at waiting for guys like us to chat with.  Check out April’s Girl-of-the-Month pics right here:

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Subic is Hott!

Staying at the Arizona for the first time and wow…..what can I say. I am super impressed with this “All in One” resort.  Between reasonable room rates, excellent barbecue, and a floating bar loaded with some cuties you will find everything you need.  Also from the floating bar you will have a birds eye . . . → Read More: Subic is Hott!

Run Jungle Girls Having Fun

From last week in Rum Jungle!

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February 2011 Girl of the Month

February 2011 is here, and that means Valentine’s Day is coming.  If you’ve got a lil’ honey-ko or two in Subic, don’t forget a little something for her!   When they’re this cute and delicious looking, how can you resist?   Presenting Jonalyn, our Feb ’11 Girl-of-the-Month……

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Some Cultural Dancing at Cat Walk Bar

In case you’re in need of some additional “culture”, you might enjoy watching Abbey giving a “cultural dance” show to the patrons at Cat Walk Bar. I know I sure did. Man, what a tight body.

Where are you? (video)

Cheesy old-school music playing, X-mass lights adorning the ceiling, sounds of pool balls cracking, a few girls dancing and joking, incoherent drunken Aussies talking….

Where are you?

Give up?

Why, you’re in the “Office Bar” in Subic on a Sunday night of course.

. . . → Read More: Where are you? (video)