Video from some of the bars in Barrio Barretto…

Oldest Hotel in Olongapo burned…

By Ric Sapnu – The Philippine Star – Updated May 19, 2011 – 12:00 AM

CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga, Philippines – The oldest hotel and restaurant in Olongapo City has turned into ashes after it was razed by fire on Tuesday.

Reports reaching here, said Kong’s Hotel and restaurant located along Magsaysay Drive at said . . . → Read More: Oldest Hotel in Olongapo burned…

Awesome Zoobic Video

I haven’t been to Zoobic in around 5 years now, but I remember it being a good little day trip while staying on Baloy Beach.   I plan on visiting it again on my next trip up there.   The girls always love it.

Lazarus from PIatNight, shared a nicely done video of his day trip . . . → Read More: Awesome Zoobic Video

Closing time at Voodoo Bar

The street is pretty quiet in Barrio Barretto at this time of night.  Much more so than Fields ave at least.  A short video of closing time at Voodoo Bar:

Some Cultural Dancing at Cat Walk Bar

In case you’re in need of some additional “culture”, you might enjoy watching Abbey giving a “cultural dance” show to the patrons at Cat Walk Bar. I know I sure did. Man, what a tight body.

Diving and Nightlife in Subic – A Great Combination

Here’s a nice little Subic video from the guys at BadLadz Resort in Puerto Galera, another great little vacation spot I should probably do a blog site on.  These guys are real diving aficionados and their resort in PG is primarily geared towards the underwater adventurers.  I’ve never been diving myself, but if it’s . . . → Read More: Diving and Nightlife in Subic – A Great Combination

Where are you? (video)

Cheesy old-school music playing, X-mass lights adorning the ceiling, sounds of pool balls cracking, a few girls dancing and joking, incoherent drunken Aussies talking….

Where are you?

Give up?

Why, you’re in the “Office Bar” in Subic on a Sunday night of course.

. . . → Read More: Where are you? (video)

Rainy Day at T.I.

Here’s a short clip someone took at Treasure Island Resort just off Baloy Beach on a rainy day.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll still take a rainy day in Subic over a sunny day most anywhere back home.

,br . . . → Read More: Rainy Day at T.I.

The “Floating Bars” of Baloy Beach

A few of the unique things about Subic are it’s “floating bars” out in the water off of Baloy Beach.  Literally just what it sounds like; an actual bar “floating” in Subic Bay, complete with friendly girls to keep you company.  Currently, there are two floating bars.  One at Blue Rock and the other . . . → Read More: The “Floating Bars” of Baloy Beach